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Modeling is not a one size fits all career. There are many types of models and there are clients looking for kids and teens of many different looks. The modeling industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. We can help your child begin to navigate all the opportunities that are available to them.

Barbizon’s modeling program will teach your child the basics of photo movement, runway techniques, projecting self confidence, television commercial aspects and more


Acting can help your child to express emotion, feed creativity and learn about social interaction. While acting is a competitive industry, there are many amazing opportunities no matter where you’re from. Barbizon not only offers training but a way to explore the industry first hand.

Barbizon’s acting program will teach your child about the audition process, improvisation, cold reading and more.

Personal Development

Barbizon’s program centers on developing self-esteem and basic life skills that will last a lifetime. Our lessons include effective speech delivery, etiquette, interview skills, resume development and basic manners. Our personal development curriculum encourages students to understand all the possibilities of what “Let your star shine,” really means.

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