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"We can not find all of our actors in Los Angeles. It would be impossible to be able to be exposed to as many young people that are bright, fresh and trained. So I find Barbizon to be a place that’s a go to. It fast tracks the young people to be able to get signed by our company."

- TJ Stein, Stein Entertainment   

“[Barbizon] is preparing them for a career if that’s what they want. It shows them what to expect when they get out there. It’s the first step if you really want to be in the entertainment business.”

- Joey Hunter, Modelwire   

"I love all the people at Barbizon. As the Agency Director of Wilhelmina Models in Miami, I always find amazing talent at Barbizon. You make our jobs easier because the girls come with on camera experience, runway experience and it’s just positive across the board."

- Erin Lucas, Wilhelmina Miami   

“Barbizon offers not only modeling and acting but gives our young people of America the ability to learn about themselves, leadership, self independence and motivation.”

- Daryl Washington, Global Management 101, Dream Believe Know It Foundation   

"As far as the modeling goes, it doesn’t matter if she ever gets a job. It was well-worth it that her confidence was boosted and her self-esteem was brought forth."

- Doug    San Antonio, via   

“My daughter Kathryn (Katie) is a recent graduate; graduating in March of this year. I always knew she had talent but Barbizon made her really shine. They are wonderful!!! They have instilled so much confidence and uplifted her self esteem that she is more confident than ever to go out and show people in the industry what she has.”

- Dedra, Barbizon Parent   

"The kids are trained so well that I just have to tell them to do something and they do it. Any other kid walks into my office and I have to groom them. Whereas with here (Barbizon), they are already groomed and they are ready for me to send into any of my top clients be it Old Navy, Gap, JCrew, Children’s Place. They are ready to go and I get rave reviews about them."

- Nate Stolldorf, Product Model Management   

"Modeling was something that my daughter said she was interested in doing and that she could get skills she maybe didn't have. It certainly helped her with her self-confidence. She was struggling with anorexia a couple of years ago and it was a direct effect of being bullied. It was empowering for my daughter to go through Barbizon."

- Katie Shafer    MN, via   

“I left with a new confidence that I’ve never experienced before. I was confident I could put on makeup correctly, walk on stage gracefully, and confident I could be a better speaker.”

- Jenna Sims, Actress   

"They're excellent! I have an older child who attended Barbizon years ago, and it was a very good experience so I had my younger child sign up too."

- Sonya, GA   

"Somebody at school recommended her to Barbizon and then Barbizon contacted us. The sign-up process was fairly easy and since being with Barbizon, my child's more confident and outgoing. She was always a leader but now she also carries herself in a more feminine manner. She does her hair more often and dresses nicer too."

- Tenisha    Omaha, via   

"Signing up my daughter with Barbizon was easy and their staff was excellent. She was in modeling class and did an event at the mall recently. We appreciate the opportunity to learn so much and increase my daughter's confidence."

- Christie, TX   

Every Single Child is an Original

Every single child is an original and should be able to pursue their passions and interests, big and small, without facing discrimination and obstacles. We believe children deserve every opportunity this world has to offer and to live their lives, every single day, unhampered by bigotry. As a company, we stand with you to make the world a better place. We strive to do this every day, one conversation at a time, with proper deference, understanding and in full recognition of the importance of this task. Our hope is that the heightened awareness will result in profound changes in policies, laws and behavior. However, this is clearly not enough to realize the goal of unmitigated fairness and equality in our society. To truly effect permanent change, we must all, individually, take the time to listen, learn and then act in a fashion to ensure that we are fueling this change. Our goal, as a company, is to foster these conversations, and encourage change. We can all make a difference, by our actions. As a society, it has taken far too long to acknowledge the depth of the problem of inequality. Today and every day moving forward we will continue to embrace fully the actions needed to fix this problem and do our part. We encourage you to take this journey with us. Today is the day we can all take a stand to make a real and impactful difference. No child should face daily struggles that stand in the way of achieving their dreams. We are committed to creating an environment in which every single child can shine.

Laura LaBelle,
COO - Barbizon USA

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