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Caressa Cameron

Caressa Cameron

Caressa, Barbizon of Virginia alum, won the title of Miss America 2010. Caressa has also been a valued employee of Barbizon in the education department where she has excelled as a teacher of the Barbizon program and as an inspirational speaker to high school and middle school teens.

In the Summer 2010 edition of Pageantry Magazine, Caressa had this to say about her Barbizon training:
“When I was younger, my mother and my aunt put me into the Barbizon program. They thought it would be cool for me to do something that would teach life skills, makeup, and etiquette. It’s so much more than just a modeling program, and that’s something a lot of people don’t know…it was an opportunity that gave me life skills that are absolutely unparalleled.”

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