Kyra Signed With Privileged Models Management

Barbizon Minneapolis grad Kyra Lopez signed with Privileged Models Management in Minneapolis.

April 10, 2019    by admin    

Alian Signed With Albany Talent and Kids International Agency

Alian Scarlett, Barbizon of Frederick alum, signed with Albany Talent and Kids International Agency and recently auditioned for a lead role in a documentary.

April 3, 2019    by admin    

Jackson Signed With The Landrum Arts Agency

Jackson Pelfrey, Barbizon of Dallas grad, signed with Landrum Arts Agency and auditioned for The Walking Dead and a Children’s Health commercial.

March 27, 2019    by admin    

Katie Belle Makes It To Hollywood Rounds Of American Idol

Katie Belle Akin, Barbizon of Atlanta grad, is sent to compete in the Hollywood rounds of American Idol.


March 24, 2019    by admin    

Madeline Booked Coastal Fashion Week

Madeline McEntire, Barbizon of Atlanta grad, walked in Macy’s Prom Fashion Show in Atlanta, GA and will be participating in Coastal Fashion Week New York in September 2019.

March 21, 2019    by admin    

Faith Walked In Baton Rouge Fashion Week

Barbizon of Jackson grad Faith Byers walked in Baton Rouge Fashion Week. (Photos by:  Moinul Mahdi Photography & Infinite Photography)


March 18, 2019    by admin    

Kyle Books Aveda Salons Photo Shoot

Kyle Sinnott, Barbizon of Des Moines grad, booked a photo shoot for Aveda Salons.

March 15, 2019    by admin    

Kayla Walked In New York Fashion Week

Kayla Witter, Barbizon of Brandon grad, signed with Supreme Management in NYC. Recently, she walked in New York Fashion Week for CUSTO Barcelona fashion.

March 6, 2019    by admin    

Haley Signed With SALT Models

Barbizon alum Haley Heckman signed with SALT Models out of Atlanta.

March 3, 2019    by admin    

Estrella Signed With Two Agencies

Estrella Valdez, Barbizon of Tampa grad, signed with Modern Muse and BNA Kids.

March 1, 2019    by admin