Ariana Vargas walked in Coastal Fashion Week shows and was featured in Audacious Fashion Magazine

collage of Ariana Vargas modeling in different poses

Barbizon Dallas grad, Ariana Vargas, walked in four Coastal Fashion Week shows in the fall and summer of 2020 and a fifth one this January.  She was also featured in the December Issue of Audacious Fashion Magazine and was shot by photographer Liz Hallford of G3 Photography.

January 20, 2021    by admin    

Skyla Sousa booked an HBO Max series

collage of three headshots of Skyla Sousa

Barbizon Boston grad, Skyla Sousa, booked the HBO Max series, Karma!

January 13, 2021    by admin    

Joci Chase modeled Custom Joy Designs

Collage of Joci modeling Custom Joy Designs green gown

Barbizon Tampa grad, Joci Chase, modeled Custom Joy Designs and shot with photographer Captured by Destiny.

January 6, 2021    by admin    

Erica Ly signed with SK Model Management

Body shot of Erica modeling in a wheat field

Barbizon Cedar Rapids grad, Erica Ly, signed with SK Model Management

December 23, 2020    by admin    

Rachel Smith signed with Role Models Management

Collage of Rachel Smith in her various featured campaigns, modeling a dress, posing with a beauty product and orange slice over her right eye, winking in a close-up, and posing with other models casually for Vogue

Barbizon Syracuse grad, Rachel Smith, signed with Role Models Management where she has booked beauty campaigns for Yes To and Johnny Concert as well as the Fall 2020 Lookbook for Coco + Jaimeson, Fall/Winter 2020 e-commerce for Passion Life, and Italian Vogue.

December 16, 2020    by admin    

Jessica Brooks walked in St. Pete Fashion Week and Cars & Couture Fashion Show

collage of Jessica, swimsuit modeling, hat modeling, wearing a bridal dress, and a close-up of her face

Barbizon Tampa grad, Jessica Brooks, walked in St. Pete Fashion Week and Cars & Couture Fashion show and has shot with photographers Sean Malley Photography, Faust Photography, Leah Soderblom Photography, and more. Jessica has also gained representation by Benz Model & Talent Agency, Alexa Model & Talent Management, and Known Model & Talent Agency.

December 9, 2020    by admin    

Mario Aguirre signed with Icon Studios Dallas

head shot of Mario Aguirre in front of a car

Mario Aguirre, Barbizon Dallas grad, signed with Icon Studios Dallas. He also booked a lead role on a YouTube series and has been busy working numerous White Felt Casino events.


December 2, 2020    by admin    

Alayla Weatherspoon walked in the Action for Compassion show

collage of Alayla with modeling headhshots, a body shot, and shot of her walking in a gown on the runway

Barbizon Dallas grad, Alayla Weatherspoon, walked in the Action for Compassion runway show. She is represented by Hannah Noelle Models and Alice Laura Models.

November 25, 2020    by admin    

Gracen Vaughn shot with In Vogue Photography

Gracen Vaughn, Barbizon Greenville grad, shot with In Vogue Photography and was styled by Cory King.

November 18, 2020    by admin    

Zoe Bringmann signed with Modern Muse and Impact agencies

head shot of Zoe Bringmann

Zoe Bringmann, Barbizon Austin grad, signed with Modern Muse and Impact modeling and talent agencies.

November 11, 2020    by admin