La’miah Essence-Rose Heath booked roles on major TV shows

body shot of La'Miah smiling and holding up a peace sign next to another body shot of her modeling

Barbizon Atlanta grad, La’miah Essence-Rose Heath, booked roles on TV shows, Heels, The Wonder Years (reboot), The First Lady, Johnson, Till, Sweet Magnolia’s, and On a Wing and a Prayer.

October 13, 2021    by admin    

Fatima Agredano signed with Specimen Model Management

collage of Fatima including a body shot and a forward and profile head shots of her modeling

Barbizon Columbia grad, Fatima Agredano, signed with Specimen Model Management.

October 6, 2021    by admin    

Juel Miller signed with The Oui Agency and Modern Muse Agency

Juel Miller signing an agency contract

Barbizon Tallahassee grad, Juel Miller, signed with The Oui Agency in Atlanta and Modern Muse Agency in Orlando.

September 29, 2021    by admin    

Andres Casarez booked a dancer role in an upcoming Hallmark Film

headshot of Andres Cesarez

Barbizon Orlando grad, Andres Casarez, booked a role as a dancer in the upcoming Hallmark Film South Beach Love. Andres is signed with Katalyst Talent Agency.

September 22, 2021    by admin    

Elyse Woodsen walked in the Paris Chic show at NYFW

side-by-side photos of Elyse posing in a designer dress at NYFW

Barbizon Charlotte grad, Elyse Woodsen, walked in the Paris Chic show at NYFW 2021. 

September 15, 2021    by admin    

Mikalah Yosick signed with LRJ Management and booked a styled photoshoot

Barbizon alum, Mikalah Yosick, signed with LRJ Management and booked a photoshoot styled by Zara in Miami with LA photographer Shannon Laurine. 

September 8, 2021    by admin    

Kymmylly Rainey signed with X Level Talent

body shot of Kymmlly Rainey modeling

Barbizon San Antonio grad, Kymmylly Rainey, signed with X Level Talent in San Antonio.

September 2, 2021    by admin    

Payton Ray walked in Passport to Discovery’s Fashion Show for APOTTS designs

collage of Payton modeling in different poses as well as a shot of him walking in the APOTTS fashion show

Barbizon Dallas grad, Payton Ray, walked in Passport to Discovery 2021’s Fashion Show for APOTTS designs. He also shot with photographers Jaivron Joseph & Michael R Moore Photography.

August 25, 2021    by admin    

Riana Dillinger walked in Coastal Fashion Week

side-by-side grid images of Riana posing on the runway at Coastal Fashion Week wearing different fashion designs

Barbizon Nova grad, Riana Dillinger, walked in Coastal Fashion Week and booked DC Fashion Week coming up.

August 19, 2021    by admin    

Brooke Wood shot with Pink Swan Boutique

Brooke Wood modeling boutique clothing along with other models

Barbizon Tampa grad, Brooke Wood, shot with Pink Swan Boutique for their back-to-school campaign along with her Barbizon instructor and alum, Mackenzie Mangarelli.

August 11, 2021    by admin