Mikayla Booked Two Modeling Jobs

Mikayla Hauck, Barbizon of Dallas grad, booked two modeling jobs. She is signed with Icon Studios.

June 15, 2019    by admin    

Allannah Signed With Carolina Talent Agency

Allannah Esaw, Barbizon of Columbia grad, signed with Carolina Talent Agency.

June 12, 2019    by admin    

Sharon Booked The Handmaid’s Tale

Barbizon alum Sharon Twitty booked a role in the new season of Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale.

June 10, 2019    by admin    

Shea Signs With Three Agencies

Shea Lavy, Barbizon of Fort Worth graduate,  signed with three agencies: The CLUTTS Agency in Texas, Eris Talent Agency in California, and Donahue Models and Talent in Rhode Island. She was also recently in a principal role in a music video that will be released this summer.

June 8, 2019    by admin    

Andre booked a print campaign for Amazon

Barbizon Midwest alum Andre Bellos booked a print campaign for Amazon.

June 5, 2019    by admin    

Taylor Walked In Greenville Fashion Week

Taylor Harris, Barbizon of Greenville alum, recently walked in Greenville Fashion Week for designers Kate Connick & Laura Citron.

June 2, 2019    by admin    

Austin Booked Coastal Fashion Week

Austin, Barbizon of Baton Rouge alum, was selected to participate in his first official modeling runway event at Coastal Fashion Week.

May 30, 2019    by admin    

Si’le Booked Justice And More

Si’le Polluck, Barbizon of Cedar Rapids grad, signed with Marsha Doll Talent, the Rock Agency and Seattle Talent. Since then she has appeared in a Justice campaign as well as in commercial print magazine stories for local publications and is working on recording her first album.

May 17, 2019    by admin    

Alexys Booked Hulu Series The Act

Alexys Beasley, Barbizon of Savannah alum, booked an extra role in the new Hulu series The Act. She also booked a fashion show during the First Annual Women’s Expo in Knoxville, TN.

May 15, 2019    by admin    

Krystal Booked A K-Mart commercial

Barbizon Chicago grad Krystal Turner booked a K-Mart commercial. She is signed with 10 Management.


May 13, 2019    by admin