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Barbizon isn't just about walking on a runway or reading lines from a script, it's so much more! The Barbizon experience is about discovering what makes you special, and developing your one-of-a-kind "star" quality for the whole world to see. We invite you to review the Barbizon programs to see how our expert modeling and acting training, along with life-skills instruction, will give you the confidence and tools to shine for a lifetime.

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Monika Herrera Recently Signed

Monika Herrera Recently Signed Barbizon grad Monika Herrera has been seen on Discover Channel Canada and has performed at…
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Alexi Farnes Elf Lights Commercial Released

Alexi Farnes Elf Lights Commercial Released Alexi Farnes, graduate of Barbizon Rochester, can be seen in a recently released Christmas lights…
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