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Gateway Styles Can Ease Your Hair Transition


Considering a completely different hairstyle with your next haircut? You can use gateway styles to…
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Trick To Keep Your Razors Sharp


Do your razors dull too quickly during the summer months? Help them last longer by…
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Use Baby Powder To Remove Sand


You can use baby powder to help get the sand off of your feet when…
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Remove Your Makeup Before A Workout


Make sure you wash your face BEFORE you exercise. This will help keep any makeup…
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Try Exfoliating Face Wipes


Exfoliating face wipes are a good way to remove makeup and deep clean your face…
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DIY: Customize Your Ballet Flats


Cut geometric shapes in small pieces of masking tape to use as stencils. Then, paint…
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Barbizon News

Mia T. Signed With JEA Model Management

Maria “Mia” Tynes, Barbizon of Jackson alum, has recently signed on with JEA Model Management…
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Katie E. Signed With Exxcel Model And Talent Management

Katie E., Barbizon of Tyler alum, signed with Exxcel Model and Talent Management. You can…
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Maya B Walks In Pensacola Fashion Week

Barbizon student Maya B walked the runway at Pensacola Fashion Week.
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