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"(In Regards to a Barbizon Competition)
I wanted to take a moment to Thank your team at Barbizon for a job well done this past weekend in Dallas Texas. When I first signed my daughter Julia up for the competition I thought that this might be a BIG SCAM but I went ahead and paid the fee for the show anyway. Of course like all Moms I want my daughter to do well and I would do anything to help her with her dreams. We made this a family event. My husband, 2 sons and my sister (from Oklahoma) came for the show. I never realized the amount of time and energy that was involved in a show like this until we experienced it first hand. I'm so thankful that I didn't listen to the bad news about Barbizon and we went to the show. We had so much FUN!

From our experience Barbizon is what you make of it. Nothing in life is free and modeling is hard work and will take time to perfect your skill. I believe that Barbizon is a great 1st step for those that think they might want to get into the business.

- Angela Hoover, Barbizon Parent

"Everyone on Barbizon's staff was so friendly and so willing to help."
- Angela Johnson, Barbizon Parent

"I just had to share my feelings with you concerning the training you provided my son, Layron. He gained knowledge that I never would have been able to afford nor thought would ever be possible. He had many positive experiences and he had fun. His self-confidence is higher and he is pleased that he was able to show others that you can do anything you want. You not only trained my child in your program, you knew my child personally and were never too busy to stop and visit him. As a parent, I would like to thank you for all you did and still do to continue the success in my child's life. I feel I made the best investment a parent could ever make, an investment in my child's future."
- Ethel Livingston, Barbizon Parent

"Our daughter Trina has always set goals for herself. To assist in realizing her goals, we enrolled her in your modeling classes. I am happy to tell you that the training you and your staff have given her exceeded our expectations. Her classmates at school remarked that she always dressed sharply and had a very positive attitude. This positive attitude has spilled over into other parts of her school life. We would like to thank every member of your staff who worked with Trina. All of them seem to take a very personal interest in each student and show a great deal of affection for the modeling."
- Bob Wollard, Barbizon Parent

"To say that Megan has bloomed over the course of your instruction would be an understatement. I have seen her confidence grow after each session. A drive and fire burns within her; goals have been set as a result. Plans for her future have now become a focal point of our conversation. You have given her tools that have allowed her to dream!

I know that no guarantees exist in this program, nor should there be; however, I feel like she is better prepared to accept the challenges that life will present her in the upcoming teenage years. At this moment her focus is on becoming the best model/actor that she can be. I think that you have given her the chance to accomplish this.

- Jane, Barbizon Parent

"I wanted to thank you for all you are doing with our girls in their training sessions. My 9 year old daughter Logan came home Sunday evening and ‘formally set’ our dinner table. She was so excited to show us all she has been learning. Great job. Thank you!"
- April Carey, Barbizon Parent

"I can assure everyone and anyone Barbizon is an EXCELLENT place to start! 100% class!"
- Lisa Kane, Barbizon Parent

"Barbizon gave me the confidence to fulfill my dreams of becoming an actress. I was nervous at first, because I didn't know anyone. But, I was soon feeling at ease because the people here and in my group welcomed me and made me feel special. We are like one big family. I will never forget you, or the confidence you have instilled in me. THANKS BARBIZON!"
- Casey McCormick, Barbizon Alumn

"Barbizon enhanced my life by making me feel good about myself on the inside and the way that I appear on the outside. I use the skills that I learned at Barbizon everyday, from how to apply make-up to how to walk. The people there encourage you to set goals and how to accomplish them. Barbizon is a wonderful experience to have."
- Jade Monfils, Barbizon Alumn

"It's been a year since I auditioned for Barbizon. Who would have thought that in one year, I would be featured in over one hundred magazines and billboard ads..."WOW"! One day I'm in London, the next I am in New York City! Now, I am a regular on the soap All My Children and have had nothing but thrilling success. Barbizon taught me the ropes of the modeling industry, and how to survive in this business without getting knocked over. I have nothing but respect for the modeling school Barbizon. What a team, I'm very blessed to be a part of their company."
- Bobby Shue

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