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Kimona & Shawn Keenen (Parents of Savannah Keenen)

"Savannah was diagnosed at age 5 with Hepatoblastoma which is a rare liver cancer in children. Previously I had just finished radiation treatments for Breast Cancer and she was diagnosed with this liver cancer within 6 weeks of my treatment ending. So our family knows the emotional rollercoaster cancer puts you through. We also know the joy of survivorship as well. She just found out last week at Hershey Medical Center that she is now 3 years cancer free!! (I am 4 years cancer free too!) We have a lot to be thankful for and our life perspective is different than most. We are just happy for the opportunity each day brings honestly. She started her classes with Barbizon after all her cancer treatments were over with. (She spent every 20 days as 10 days inpatient up at Hershey for almost a year) When she lost all her hair you could see the disappointment in her eyes. Children would not play with her at playgrounds and she was not invited to birthday parties. It was really a sad time for Savannah. Perhaps that is why Savannah is so compassionate and a social butterfly wanting to include everyone. We knew we had to do something to make her shine again as we know her. Barbizon has been perfect for that. Thank-you for putting a smile on her face when very little else could anymore. Savannah definitely has more self confidence and has a good time on runway and photo shoots. If that is all that comes out of Barbizon, we as her parents are thrilled with the outcome so far. Although Savannah has already told us she wants to go to Paris to eat a croissant and visit the Eiffel Tower. Lofty goals for an 8 year old I think. Whatever her dream, we support it. Thanks again for the opportunity to be in the Pink Promise Fashion Show."
- Kimona & Shawn Keenen (Parents of Savannah Keenen)

Oana Gregory

"Oana recently did an interview with Aspiring Hollywood where she took the time to thank Barbizon. Oana has done a lot of print work for both Billabong and Bratz. She has also been involved in doing fashion shows for big names such as Hilary Duff and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson! Oana’s advice for aspiring actors and models, Don’t give up! Give it your all & hope for the best!

- Oana Gregory

""I tell you, Barbizon has been one of the best things ever for this girl - she has SO much confidence. She has really tapped into what makes her "tick" and is totally going for it and doing great! Her agents love her, and are very encouraging for her future as a commercial actress and model. Keep your eye out for Miss Jayne Hall - she is going places!" "
- Donna Harkness, Barbizon Parent

"I left with a new confidence that I’ve never experienced before. I was confident I could put on make up correctly, walk on stage gracefully, and confident I could be a better speaker. Read more from Jena on the Barbizon of Georgia Website"
- Jena Sims, Barbizon of Georgia

"Barbizon is amazing to work with. They are professional and have a real knowledge of the industry that they use to prepare their students. I have had great success working with Barbizon."
- Randy Cazzalino, C/H Management

"I am writing you to express my continued confidence in working with Barbizon. I feel that you are one of the agencies that truly know how to develop and train models for the international modeling industry. In my years of working with you, I know that when I see models from your agency I will always be guaranteed a level of professionalism and knowledge about the business so often lacking from your competition."
- Roman Young, Wilhelmina Models

"When we get a model from Barbizon, we know they’re trained and professional."
- William Whitfield, Models International

"It’s (Barbizon) is preparing them for a career if that’s what they want. It shows them what to expect when they get out there. It’s the first step if you really want to be in the entertainment business."
- Joey Hunter, Modelwire

"Elite Chicago and Barbizon Midwest have enjoyed a very successful relationship for many years. We have discovered several beautiful girls that have turned into great models. Barbizon Midwest does a wonderful job at development and has supported Elite Chicago over the years."
- Jan Berendsen, Elite Model Management Chicago

"Barbizon offers not only modeling and acting but gives our young people of America the ability to learn about themselves, leadership, self independence and motivation."
- Daryl Washington, Global Management 101, Dream Believe Know It Foundation

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