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Wendy, Barbizon Parent

"I'm sending you a big thank you. Because of Barbizon & you, Megan, my daughter who was at one time a sufferer of very low self-esteem has turned into this lovely young lady."
- Wendy, Barbizon Parent

Dedra, Barbizon Parent

"My daughter Kathryn (Katie) is a recent graduate; graduating in March of this year. I always knew she had talent but Barbizon made her really shine. They are wonderful!!! They have instilled so much confidence and uplifted her self esteem that she is more confident than ever to go out and show people in the industry what she has. Many thanks to Mrs. Tabor Hammond and Mrs. Tara for their encouragement and constructive criticism making Katie who she is now. Katie recently auditioned for the Barbizon competition to be held in August of this year and out of the 5 spots available for Oklahoma she got one of the spots after auditioning in front of judges currently in the industry. As parents we couldn't be more proud of her. I just wanted to thank Barbizon for everything they did and most of all to Mrs. Vesna O'Brien for selecting her in the interview process and believing in her as well. You all are wonderful!!!!"
- Dedra, Barbizon Parent

"I wanted to email you and say thank you very very much, for accepting me in Barbizon modeling and acting school back in September. I had so much fun and I had such a great time learning everything. I'm so glad to have met you and Tina and all the students that were in my class. I never thought that I was going to be accepted or even good enough for an opportunity such as this, but I guess there was something you saw in me that I didn't know or see. Everyone I met I became such great friends with and in the end it felt like we were a big family. I'm going to miss them very much and being in the class, but I know that if I push myself for the goals I want I can get where I'm going with the skills I've learned. On graduation day this past Sunday it was really sad but a happy day because I realized this was it, our last day, last moment to show how far we've come in the short amount of time. I never thought I would be okay again after what I've been through growing up, I was always told I'd never be anything in life or that I'm just a failure. This class made me realize that wasn't true and good things happen to those who wait and to those who never expected it to. I have more confidence in myself, how I view myself and who I am as a person because of these classes. I'm not afraid anymore or nervous, I feel great about myself and the goals and obstacles I've faced during all this. I realize now that I'm perfect in my own way and that I shouldn't let other people tell me I'm not good enough. Cause in the end I know who I am and that I am good enough for something if I put my mind to it. I'm so much happier and confident about my future, I cant wait to have more opportunities from Barbizon.
- Kasey Kratz

Paul Fisher, CEO The Network, Star of the CWTV show Remodeled

"Although previous comments may lead one to believe I am not in support of all modeling schools, it should be known, there are certain schools, which actually do a great job in being honest and discover incredible talent who have gone on to great, huge careers. The team at the Barbizon is one of those schools and has an incredible relationship with not only myself and The Network but with many top agencies around the world. They have “great” eyes for talent and have discovered some great talent."
- Paul Fisher, CEO The Network, Star of the CWTV show Remodeled

"I would like to say THANK YOU for the opportunity of a lifetime for Tori and myself to be part of Barbizon. What an amazing experience. Who would have thought that me submitting a photo of her to a contest on Face book would have given her all these wonderful opportunities. Barbizon Rocks! "
- Vanessa Addis, Parent

"I would like to thank you for the amazing opportunity you have given me with Barbizon. I truly had a memorable time and gained much knowledge about modeling and acting. I appreciate all of your time and dedication you have put towards all of the students."
- Philicia Peters

"loved my experience here smile"
- Korinah, Facebook

"I'm Receiving Modeling Jobs Right And Left! Thank You So Much Barbizon ! I'm Extremely Grateful smile"
- Katherine, Facebook

"It just seem like yesterday i was a 13 year old that had a dream to be a model and actor. after, i was done with Barbizon i started to have the most greatest opportunity of my life i am so bless for everything now i have a competition that's coming up and i am ready to shine show them how Barbizon change my life and i would like to say again thank you so much for everything!!!!♥
janet reyes barbizon grad"
- Janet, Facebook

Kimona & Shawn Keenen (Parents of Savannah Keenen)

"Savannah was diagnosed at age 5 with Hepatoblastoma which is a rare liver cancer in children. Previously I had just finished radiation treatments for Breast Cancer and she was diagnosed with this liver cancer within 6 weeks of my treatment ending. So our family knows the emotional rollercoaster cancer puts you through. We also know the joy of survivorship as well. She just found out last week at Hershey Medical Center that she is now 3 years cancer free!! (I am 4 years cancer free too!) We have a lot to be thankful for and our life perspective is different than most. We are just happy for the opportunity each day brings honestly. She started her classes with Barbizon after all her cancer treatments were over with. (She spent every 20 days as 10 days inpatient up at Hershey for almost a year) When she lost all her hair you could see the disappointment in her eyes. Children would not play with her at playgrounds and she was not invited to birthday parties. It was really a sad time for Savannah. Perhaps that is why Savannah is so compassionate and a social butterfly wanting to include everyone. We knew we had to do something to make her shine again as we know her. Barbizon has been perfect for that. Thank-you for putting a smile on her face when very little else could anymore. Savannah definitely has more self confidence and has a good time on runway and photo shoots. If that is all that comes out of Barbizon, we as her parents are thrilled with the outcome so far. Although Savannah has already told us she wants to go to Paris to eat a croissant and visit the Eiffel Tower. Lofty goals for an 8 year old I think. Whatever her dream, we support it. Thanks again for the opportunity to be in the Pink Promise Fashion Show."
- Kimona & Shawn Keenen (Parents of Savannah Keenen)

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