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Adrienne Smith Booked Supporting Pilot Role

Adrienne Smith Booked Supporting Pilot Role


Adrienne Smith, Barbizon of Syracuse alum, has worked as a background actor in t.v. shows including Gotham, Law and Order SVU and The Preppie Connection. She also recently auditioned for a pilot that is currently filming. Casting was so impressed with her that they wrote her into the script and gave her a supporting role. She is signed with Funny Face Today FFT New York, NY.
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Madison Iseman To Appear On Modern Family

Madison Iseman To Appear On Modern Family


Barbizon Ice grad Madison Iseman will appear on Modern Family this week.
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Mackenzie Goes Viral

Mackenzie Goes Viral


Barbizon of Southwest grad Mackenzie recorded a YouTube video as she danced through a grocery store to Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" and has gone viral. Even Taylor tweeted how much she loved it!

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