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A Note to Moms of Pre-Teen Girls

So you have a pre-teen that is gaga over Lady Gaga, make up and sparkles, and you wish your beautiful baby girl was still interested in playing with dolls like you were at twelve. Take yourself back to the time that you became interested in make up, and clothes, and fashion. It happens at a different time of life for every young girl. I don't think a day passed by after the age of three that I wasn't interested in the perfect fashion precision of my entire ensemble and look! Imagine my mother's discomfort when I wanted to shave my legs at seven, and wear a full face of make up to school at eight years old. Barbizon was made for girls like me and mom's like mine. Do you remember not wanting to wear make up like your mom?? Not wanting to dress like your mom?? And most of all not listening to a word she said?? This is why my mother sent me to modeling school. I looked at my modeling school teacher and hung on every word she said. I still apply my foundation, just like she taught me. I still cleanse, tone, and moisturize just like she taught me. And her words of positive encouragement and constructive criticism still ring in my ears.

As a mother myself, I now realize, that my mother, likely, had the skill set to teach me the fundamentals that I learned at modeling school, but at twelve who listens to their own mother? The life skills that I learned have manifested in my every day life as a working woman. As the Chief Operating Officer of Barbizon USA, part of my position requires me to interview individuals for positions in our corporate office. I am often reminded of my lessons in "you only get one opportunity to create a first impression" and "putting your best foot forward." We live in a very competitive world economy, and our children will interview, on average, for ten or more jobs in their lifetime. It is of vital importance that our daughters learn how to interview and how to present themselves in a competitive light. As a model, we learn how to take rejection in interview situations, how to follow up and follow through on opportunities. In this competitive world economy we need to ensure our daughters have every competitive edge in all interview situations, from college to the work force.

If you have a pre-teen that is motivated, bright, inquisitive and interested in Barbizon, give her the opportunity to come to an information day. The integrity at the core of the Barbizon foundation has always been making young lady's feel amazing about the skin they are in. We all think our beautiful babies are amazing, but more than that we want our baby to feel amazing about herself. That is what we do at Barbizon.

Laura LaBelle

Laura LaBelle
Chief Operating Officer, Barbizon USA

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