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Tips to Help you Market Yourself in the Modeling/Acting Industry

Tips to Help you Market Yourself in the Modeling/Acting Industry

The modeling and acting industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world and it takes time and dedication on your part. No one is going to hand you a job with no effort on your part. You need to let people know you are ready to work. There are many places that want models and talent and you can find them if you search properly. Get familiar with the product you are marketing – YOU! Know you image, your essence, your type. How do other see you? What is your potential? What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Be creative in figuring our different ways to market yourself. The goal is to get noticed and be remembered in positive way. How can you get others interested in working with you? Above all, remember there are many different parts, roles and types in this business, chances are there is something that suits you. Believe in yourself.

10 Tips to Market Yourself

1. Know exactly where you fit in the industry and where you are most marketable. (I.E. acting, TV, film, commercials, commercial modeling, fashion modeling, catalogue, specialty modeling, ect.)
2. Make sure you take appropriate photos for the market you fit in. If you are pursuing an acting career, do not have high fashion prints taken. See our tips to marketable photos.
3. If requested, you may need a good headshot or composite card. Your headshot should be clean (no jewelry) and natural. Headshots are only for acting purposes.
4. ACTING: If you have a headshot, you must attach a resume (a summary of activities you have done in acting). Your resume should have subtitles with true information such as statistics (height, eye color, hair color and sizes).
5. ACTING: After you have your headshot, attached a resume to the back. Cut them to fit and staple them in each corner. Having your resume printed directly on the back gives a clean and professional image. Standard size for headshots and resumes is 8x10 inches and the headshot is usually printed in color.
6. ACTING: Write cover letters to talent agencies asking them for an interview and consideration for representation. Mail pictures with resumes and your cover letter to the agents. Follow up in a few weeks with a phone call while a parent/guardian is present, if you are under 18 years old. Also, keep a log of the places you send your pictures to. This will help in the follow up process.
7. MODELING: Your composite card or “comp card” should include at least three different looks, photos or you in various settings and outfits that will show your versatility. Comp cards are mostly for the person who has the look for modeling, such as runway, print, ect. You do not need to include a resume with a comp card.
8. MODELING: Once you have a comp card, send the original to a print shop to be printed with your name on the bottom along with your statistics (bust, waist, hip measurement, height, hair color, eye color, dress size and show size). Have at least 100 – 125 of them printed and mail them to out to agencies you have identified.
9. Get experience wherever you can. Whether you are an extra on a movie set or doing free print work, you should seize every job opportunity to learn and network. Also, community theater is a great way to gain experience. Plus you can include theater experience on your resume. Remember your resume should never say how much you were paid for the booking.
10. Be professional and show up early if an agency wants to meet you.

Bonus tip: Always have your headshots with resumes and/or comp cards with you and be prepared to give them out.

Additional Photos

Example: Headshot. Make sure to include your resume on the back. Example: Comp Card. Include multiple photos and measurements.

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