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10 Do and Don’t Tips for the Modeling Industry

Check out our TOP TEN Do's and Don'ts of the Modeling Industry. Follow these simple rules to ace your casting call, agency interview or next job!

1. DO Look Like Your Photo!

Simply this, if you had blonde hair in the photo you submitted for a job or casting, don't show up to the job or casting a brunette, or worse with pink hair! This also goes for the year you took the photo, don't submit a photo of yourself that was taken five years ago. An agent may be disappointed if they called you back based on your photo and you show up looking completely different. Keep your comp cards and photos up-to-date based on your current look and age.

2. DON'T Be Late!

In the modeling industry, on time is 15 minutes early. Tardiness is absolutely NOT tolerated. After all, time is money! Make sure you know where you are going and allow for unforeseen circumstance like traffic jams. Excuses will get you no where so don't give yourself a reason to have one. At the same time, don't arrive too early. If you do end up arriving early, don't go in right away. Remember the 15 minute rule.

3. DO Leave your entourage in the car!

You were the one called for the casting call or agency interview, not your group of friends, mom, dad, brothers and sisters, and grandparents. Most casting calls are crowded, especially open calls. You will get a very limited amount of time to make an impression and the casting director, agent or manager wants to be sure you are independent enough to handle a job on your own. If you are young and may not be driving yourself to auditions or calls, leave mom or dad in the car and if the agent or casting director wants to speak to them to ensure your support system, they will tell you to bring them in.

4. DO Know How to Market Yourself!

Be sure to read our tips on how to market yourself in the industry. You should be attending castings that fit your niche in the industry. You should also be playing up your features that fit the job you are auditioning for.

5. DON'T Come Unprepared!

You should be prepared for your interview or call with your portfolio, comp cards, and a notebook and pen to take notes. Also, don't forget the little items, like something to pull your hair up in case they need to take a photo of you with your hair pulled back.

6. DON'T Arrive with a Cluttered Portfolio!

Your portfolio should be organized and ready to been shown. Don't include outtakes or additional photos in the back that are not meant to be seen. Make sure you are happy with every photo in your book and make sure it neat and clean.

7. DO Make Yourself Available!

Make sure you have a WORKING cell phone and that you answer it. Sometimes jobs or castings come up last minute. If you don't answer your phone or check messages you may miss something. If you have a reputation of being reliable with answering and calling back within a few minutes, industry pros will be more likely to call you more often. Hence, helping you book more jobs. If they can never reach you or you don't call back promptly, they may just stop calling you.

8. DON'T Bring a Bad Attitude Anywhere!

Sure a large part of the modeling industry is whether you have "the look" they are searching for, but a large part is also attitude. Be professional and pleasant. It doesn't matter how great your look is, if you are horrible to work with, you just won't work. Check out our interview with Agent Daniel Mahan about the importance of personality. Be a committed, hard worker. If the booking agent or casting director gives you criticism, don't take it to heart and don't give them attitude back. If an agent or casting director passes on you, simply thank them for their time and be gracious.

9. DO Follow Up!

This is key! If you visit with an agency, they may give you some things to work on and get back with them, do it! if you can't send a simple follow up email, they are not going to trust you to work hard for the client or job. An agent or manager does not have time to hound you or come to your house and get you off the couch. Take the initiative, even if you didn't book the job, send a thank you email. It's the best way to keep in the mind of industry pros.

10. DO Get Some Patience and Thick Skin!

It's not all about your emotions and valuable time. This may be harsh but it's the best advice you are going to get in this industry. It's not uncommon to go to a casting with 3,000 people standing in line all trying out for the same one job. You may stand in line for hours on end, just to get in the door way to the casting and be turned away. You may not even make it to the doorway. Remember this, the casting director sat there that long too, and so did all the other models in line. Just remember each interview, casting call and go-see is an experience. You are not going to book every job. You are not going to get every call back. You may put in years of work to get one casting and get turned down. If you really want to be in this business you just have to get some patience and move on to the next opportunity. You are going to have people pick your every feature apart and you just have to learn to get thick skin. There is not necessarily anything wrong with you, it just wasn't the job for you. Maybe you just weren't the person the client was looking for. Another job is out there and you may have everything they are looking for. Keep your head up and keep going. You may get signed with an agency only to spend two years in the "development" stage. Remember to be patient. Don't get frustrated, just keep searching for your fit in the industry.

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