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Is Barbizon a scam?

We’ve heard the claims and we would like to address them head on. After all, you don’t stay in business for more than 75 years if you are running a scam. We’ve gotten to the bottom of the questions and some of the complaints and now you should hear the facts.

1. “I paid money to Barbizon and I didn’t get a job.”

We cannot guarantee that you will be able to secure employment in the modeling and acting industry. The truth is we cannot predict the future, just as if you went to college and studied journalism they cannot guarantee you a job in the journalism industry.

It is up to the individual to stay diligent after graduation, remain professional and to take advantage of the opportunities available for graduates through Barbizon. Barbizon has an extensive network of casting directors, agents, managers, producers and other industry professionals that we work with to provide our graduates opportunities in the industry.

While not everyone will find success in modeling or acting, many of our graduates have gone on to find success in these and many other areas. The confidence, interview skills and personal development portion of the program is often something our graduates, no matter what field they decide to pursue, reference as having a lasting and positive effect on their development. You can view some of our notable alumni stories here.

2. “Barbizon accepts everyone.”

Unfortunately we do not and cannot accept everyone. Due to class size restrictions we are not able accept every person who attends an audition.

However, it is important to keep in mind that Barbizon’s program offers more than just modeling and acting training. We offer personal development and self-esteem development. Some of the young people that enroll in our program come for reasons beyond wanting to be a model or actor.

We accept young people we feel would benefit from our programs and have a real interest in what Barbizon courses can offer.

3. “You shouldn’t pay for an agency.”

You’re right. You shouldn’t pay for an agency. But Barbizon is not an agency. We are a training center school. We do have a tuition fee for our training programs that is comparable to many extracurricular activities.

There are placement services and/or agency services available to graduates separate from the training program and there is never a fee for these services.

During Barbizon’s training program, we cover what to expect and how reputable agencies and managers work with and pay their clients to help make sure our students are aware of industry standards as they embark on modeling and acting careers.

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