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"Barbizon enhanced my life by making me feel good about myself on the inside and the way that I appear on the outside. I use the skills that I learned at Barbizon everyday, from how to apply make-up to how to walk. The people there encourage you to set goals and how to accomplish them. Barbizon is a wonderful experience to have."
- Jade Monfils, Barbizon Alumn

"It's been a year since I auditioned for Barbizon. Who would have thought that in one year, I would be featured in over one hundred magazines and billboard ads..."WOW"! One day I'm in London, the next I am in New York City! Now, I am a regular on the soap All My Children and have had nothing but thrilling success. Barbizon taught me the ropes of the modeling industry, and how to survive in this business without getting knocked over. I have nothing but respect for the modeling school Barbizon. What a team, I'm very blessed to be a part of their company."
- Bobby Shue

"It is my great pleasure when someone asks me where I got my “start”; I can proudly say that it all started at Barbizon! I am so thankful I took advantage of this great opportunity that was presented to me. Barbizon has made me a whole person. Not only has it helped me pursue my modeling and acting career, but it has given me confidence in my everyday life. In fact, just last week a teacher at school asked the class a question, and I knew the answer because I had learned that at Barbizon. It has opened so many doors for me, and I can't wait to see what my future at Barbizon has in store.
- Alexis, Barbizon Student

"Where to begin…Barbizon has changed my life in such a wonderful way! The classes have taught me to be proud of whom I am. From the first day, I knew it was a new beginning for me and for everyone else that was there with me! Barbizon should be a requirement for all teenage girls and boys! "
- Katelyn Hartsell, Barbizon Alumn

"Barbizon was such a life changing experience. Even from the first day, I met awesome people and was immersed in knowledge of the industry. I always looked forward to classes, it was my favorite time to come and learn about this new industry with other people like me."
- Katrina Hoernig, SIgned with Factor Women Chicago and DNA Model Management New York

"Since I graduated from Barbizon I’ve been in 4 competitions and won awards in all of them and signed with Mega Model Management in Miami. Barbizon was the thing that got my foot in the door. "
- Breanne Dicesare, Signed with Mega Model Management Miami

"Barbizon definitely helped me way more that what I could do on my own. It gave me the opportunity to do what I wanted to do and it helped me along the way. And it definitely taught me more than I could ever learn from magazines or anything like that. The teachers are there to help you and to make you progress and succeed."
- Lindsey Davis, 2011 Miss Barbizon

"Joining Barbizon was one of the best decisions I could have ever made. From the moment I stepped through the doors, I could feel the encouragement and positive energy flowing through every room. "
- Marissa Hill

"Barbizon provides the talented instructors and constructive learning environment designed especially to lead young people down the path to success."
- Tasia P

"My son is a recent graduate of the Barbizon School of Modeling & Acting. My son came in with a dream of hopefully becoming a professional actor one day and feeling doubtful, to coming out with a great attitude! Plus his confidence level has gone up.The classes he took have paid off. Since graduating my son has signed on with a great agent. He has also gotten his first modeling job for the communication arts magazine! He has acted in local community plays, and now in the process of another photoshoot. Because of barbizon my son can now accomplish what he´s always dreamed of and better yet believing in himself... that´s what counts. I just wanted to say THANK YOU Barbizon for all you have done for my son and because of that someday my son will be the best actor he could ever be!"
- Mrs. Anderson

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